Walking and hiking

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Hiking and excursions Val d’ Ultimo offers 700 km of hiking and well-marked trails in the Stelvio National Park. It satisfies all the expectations of explorers and Nature love [...]

Mountain climbing

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Alpinism The Sternai, the Ortles mountain group glacier, and the Gioveretto are the most popular destinations, directly visible from our Lärchenheim in all their majesty. We s [...]

Mountain Bike

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Mountain- bike There are numerous possibilities to bike roads and trails you will find yourself immersed in a wild Nature while biking through Monte Chiesa valley ( Kirchberg) [...]

Nordic Walking

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Nordic walking All who wish to perfectionate their sportive walking and doing correct movements, the may chose trails among fields full of flowers and richly scented woods as [...]

Trail Kneipp

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Kneipp path A Kneipp path is organized in the middle of the wood whith an equipped area for restoration and relax. It is a very appreciated news close to the Zoccolo lake at S [...]


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Fishing Val d’ Ultimo is certainly an ideal place to go fishing with its streams of water and its numerous lakes. The Valsura torrent, the lago Verde, the lago Zoccolo and oth [...]